Struggling With Expenses

strugge with expensesIn my previous post, I mentioned that I've stopped working outside and stayed home since March 2011.

This is a hard decision to make but I just have to get on with it. I wasn't given much choice in my last job. My shifts schedules were not incompatible with my daughter's school, so I decide to quit the job.

I did my math and found that if I could reduce some expenses it was possible to keep this unemployment situation until I sell my flat and move to the smaller one. Things went smoothly until May.

First, my car broke down and the repair bill depleted most of my savings. I had to chose between fixing the car or parking it until I could pay the bill, I picked the first option. Then, it was time for a tax surprise related to my father´s inheritance and a few other unexpected expenses. Recently, another tax surprise arrived in my mail box and a buyer for this flat is not showing on the horizon.

With these events, I came up with a priorities list and readjusted my finances according to it. I was able to reduce costs in some "less necessary" things such as cell phone, car insurance, clothes and cigarettes.

Online, I dropped some blogs and found a cheaper website hosting plan. Changing my blog CMS is not something easy for me to do. I'm not a techie guy so website design is not really my thing. But under these circumstances, it's impossible to hire a professional designer. I have no choice but to do things by myself. As it turns out, it's not bad at all, and I deserved to pat myself on the back.

I´m now reaching a red line in my finances and, although I´m still able to buy some extras, I´ve been crossing my fingers for a change to come along fast so I don´t get in much debt.