Prescription Could Be That Easy

I have a few Canadian friends and they are always telling me the differences between the way health care and prescriptions are handled in Canada versus here in the States. It does seem easier, not to mention cheaper, to order all of my prescriptions via the Internet but I'll admit I'm a little leery of getting what I order. How would I know the difference?

Through the advice of my friends I found an online Canadian pharmacy that can be trusted. I'll actually be taking a blood thinner if that's what my script says. Good to know huh?

I wish I wasn't on a daily blood thinner for my blood clotting condition but I am. It would be so much easier if I could just buy Wellbutrin and be done with it but sadly that's not enough for this girl. I also have more to worry about than my blood condition and grey hair, Osteoporosis runs in the family. I probably should start to buy Paxil now to decrease my chances of looking like a modern day Quasimodo!

Or should I buy Nexium?

What do you do about the prescriptions you take on a consistent basis? Am I the only one late to this over the border party?