Finding Cheap and Trusted Webhost

Web hosting is now extremely affordable. Now you can buy website hosting packages for as low as $1 per month. But wait! Do you think all web hosts are same? If you do, you are wrong. All web hosts are not same. Some offers good features at lower price while some companies charges higher price for the same bunch of features.

Similarly some hosts offer custom hosting packages which many not be suitable for your requirements. On the other hand there are some companies which misleads customers with catchy advertisements and provides extremely bad quality services.

So, beware when you buy a hosting package from a company that you don’t know well. If you are already happy with a company there is nothing to say. But what if you are completely new to this scenario and want to buy a hosting package for your new blog or web site? Like all others you don’t want to be mislead. Right? You can save yourself by doing some research. No, by research I don’t mean you need to go back to school. You can do some good research online by doing a couple of searches and by reading a few customer reviews.

To make your task easier there are some good web sites that publishes web hosting reviews. One such site is Webhostingrating. This simple site has been publishing real customer reviews and web hosting ratings since 2002. They cover all the major web hosting providers and publishes honest, un-edited reviews by real customer like you and me. They also have a hosting guide full of valuable web hosting guide articles and tutorials.

You can start with the top 10 best web hosting providers. They have complete up-to-date information on each of those companies listed on their site. First check and compare the hosting package details of those top companies. Pick those who meets your hosting requirements and your budget too. Then read customer reviews for those selected companies. Finally decide on a web hosting provider to buy your hosting package. In this way you can stop yourself from going with a bad hosting company.

You may have some specific requirements. For example, you may want to go with a Linux host. Check the list of best Linux hosts. Similarly you may need a special host for your WordPress blog. So, first check the list of best WordPress hosting companies. Other good lists include best reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, VPS hosting etc. They also have some lists on best CMS web hosts. For example, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, phpBB hosting, vBulletin hosting etc.

So, if you want to find a good web hosting company or if you want to read some real web hosting reviews, visit them.