Welcome New Bloggers!

I was trying to explain to my youngest sister about creating blogs and getting the web hosting set up but I’m not sure she understands what I am talking about. She has been reading my blog for a long time and now she wants to write her own. She is great on the computer with administrative programs, but writing a blog is very new to her. I know she can do it – it is easy if you have someone point you in the right direction.

I gave her the link to read “Five Helpful Tips for Registering a Domain Name” so she can figure out what name to get. I already checked and her first name/last name as a dot com is not available. That is getting to be a very common problem because the internet is running out of unique names. But getting the unique name that you want is really the very first step to making your new blog.

After you get the domain name, then you have to find someone to host it. There are lots of companies that offer low cost hosting services. Some are very easy for beginners like her. I told her to read some articles on the hosting guide for basic information and then give me a call so we can talk about it.