When to Use Custom CMS

Most people, maybe even everyone, will agree that Wordpress is the most popular website platform right now. But is it the best?

From what we see on the internet, it should be. However, there are many big sites using their own web hosting and custom CMS. Creating your own custom CMS is good, specially from the safety aspects as no one what flaws it has. On the other hand it could be dangerous because you'll never know where the security hole lies.

One other major setback about using custom CMS can be seen on major Indonesian news websites. Their custom CMS doesn't fully compatible with RSS feed. As a result, sometimes it's quite confusing to subscribe to their news update.

Other than all the things above, custom CMS can be made to fulfill whatever you need and it also makes your website looks professional as there are no other website looks the same as yours. However, custom CMS is not suggested if you're only planning to make small or personal website. You'd be better with free platform such as Wordpress or Blogger.

If you don't want to use blog platforms, then Joomla or Drupal might worth a shot.