Indoleaks is Fake?

The popularity of Wikileaks has become a new phenomenon in Indonesia as many local clones of the website are now up. These websites using Indoleaks as their name, indicated the main purpose: to reveal secret documents of Indonesian government.

I'm not going to talk about the politic aspect of Indoleaks. Let's see something smaller that has become a debatable topics about these sites: web hosting.

To some certain people, website hosting can determine whether a website can be considered "real" or "fake." To be simple, when first launched, people argued that it's a fake website because it's hosted on Blogger. A week later, when the site moved to Wordpress --which is also a blog hosting, the very same people then called it a "real" website.

I just can't get it. How can by just changing from free hosting to dedicated hosting, a website turns from fake to real? I mean, how many fake and scam websites are out there and they even use their own server.

But this has been common in the world of webmasters. Your site will never be considered professional if it's still hosted on free hosting. No matter how good your contents are, there will be some visitors leaving stupid comment saying your website is not a real site. Just go on with it, or just ignore them.