Dallas Tony Romo Out With Clavicle Fracture

Dallas Tony Romo Out With Clavicle Fracture

Tony Romo Clavicle FractureDallas Tony Romo Out With Clavicle Fracture - Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo suffered a clavicle fracture, sustaining a hit that points to the need for better NFL pads. Something's really wrong when it seems that too many NFL players are going down due to horrific, yet legal, hits.

Clavicle fracture is common and mostly benign but in some case surgery will be required. They mainly occur after a fall on the shoulder, and they often take place in sports such as skiing, cycling and football.

That was the case on ESPN's Monday Night Football, when New York Giants Linebacker Michael Boley sacked Romo, and such that Boley's entire body weight landed on the QB's side shoulder, basically crushing his body against the turf from the side.

Things were not easy for the Dallas team as it was found that Tony has a clavicle fracture, ESPN said that the type of clavicle fracture he has suffered from takes around 8 to 10 weeks for recovery, if things are really so bad it means that Tony won’t play anymore in this season.

The hit marred the NY Giants 38 to 28 win and knocked Tony Romo out, perhaps for the season, if not the 6 to 8 weeks time estimated.

Although the Cowboys did not look to that sort of side that could have been good enough to threaten for a division title but they surely were going to give some hard competition in the coming time but with the injury of Tony the strength of the team has dropped to a great extent. The expected substitute for Tony is going to be Jon Kitna and with his as the quarterback there is not much to fear about them by any of their opponents.