Blog is Not a Website

BlogOkay, the title might sound stupid and you may laugh. Everyone knows that a blog is a website. But that means I have to introduce my friend.

Meet Fredy.

A few weeks ago Fredy contacted me, saying that he want to make a website and asks for my advice in choosing a good website hosting. I gave him some recommendation.

Weeks passed and he doesn't contact me, so I guess everything goes well for his new website. I'm curious to see what his website looks like, because he doesn't even tell me the domain name.

So I contact him, asking if his website is online yet.

His answer surprised me. No, the website hasn't been online yet because he's still working on the coding script. And no, he's not a programmer at all.

The interesting part, he was trying to figure out how to make a .gif animation links to different page of his website. One frame to one page.

Apparently, what he was trying to do is to make a featured post slider, which he thought as a .gif animation.

So he bought a PHP tutorial book "Create Website in 1 Hour with Dreamweaver". For your information, the book was released in 2004. He's making a manually coded website using PHP and Dreamweaver.

I asked him why not using Wordpress instead. He already has a hosting server, and installing Wordpress with Fantastico is just as easy as clicking the mouse once.

You know what his answer was?

"No, I want to make a website, not a blog."

Well, trying to convince this man is like telling the 16th century people that someday human will be able to walk on moon.

So I failed to make him believe that many giant websites, even is just a blog. But at least I manage to convinced him to use Joomla CMS.

And he couldn't stop bubbling around telling me to make a real website, not just a blog...