Pros and Cons of Blogger Hosting

Pros and Cons of Blogger HostingAfter a few months kicked from web hosting, I have to use free hosting from Blogger. Of course there are pros and cons in using free hosting service.

Seeing the problem I had with my last paid hosting, I feel that the main pros of free hosting in Blogger is the ultimately unlimited bandwidth. No matter how many visitors I have in one day, I wouldn't have to worry about getting suspended for excessive bandwidth usage.

Two weeks ago, when the topics about 'Ariel - Luna' become trend in search engine, one of my blog hosted in Blogger hit more than 100,000 visitors a day. It's something not possible if I stayed at limited paid hosting.

The cons of free web hosting in Blogger, of course, we don't have control over the server. We can't customize as we like, we can't install scripts and plugins, and it took hard work to make our site looks professional.

But it's just the consequence of using free hosting.

I am planning to use a paid hosting again, and getting ready to do the hard work of moving all my posts to new domain and new server. But this time I will choose carefully which web hosting service I will use. Maybe a VPS would be good, or maybe I might get a dedicated server. Unfortunately, my PayPal balance is not enough to pay for a dedicated server yet.

I'm just hoping in a few weeks to come, I can get my PayPal balance enough to pay for a dedicated server, so I can run my sites as I like.