Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for Your New Website

Choosing a hosting for your new website or blog could be confusing. I know it, because everyone experienced it, including me. But think again, is it so confusing to choose a web hosting or hosting plan? The answer is no, if you really know what you need.

First, you have to know what your target is. If you're planning on running a personal website or blog, a cheap hosting plan ranged from $5 - $10 is way more than enough. You should predict how many visitors will visit your website everyday. Of course, everyone wants a huge traffic of visitors to their website. But let's be realistic, if you just run a personal website to be your online diary, the cheapest hosting plan is enough. Be sure to check the best hosting awards so you know the best hosting to choose, along with the hosting plan they offered.

Even if you're planning making money from your site, I would strongly recommend to start with a cheap hosting plan too. 100MB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth in a shared hosting is enough for you to optimize your site to its highest traffic in the first month. After your site started to show its potential and drawing more traffic than it can handle, it's very easy to upgrade your web hosting plan to higher level.

Usually, when you have a medium sized site, you'll want to create some smaller sites to support your main site, or even a personal blog to share about your steps to success. And when you reach your success with one site, you probably want to set up another successful site. It is time for you to upgrade to Dedicated Server to host all your site without problem.

In conclusion, the point of choosing the right hosting plan is to choose the one that suits your needs. Read the Hosting Guide to improve your knowledge in choosing a website hosting.